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Developed by passion.

Backed by science. 

Brittany Strandquist

I was born and raised in small town Stettler, Alberta. Raised on horseback, 99% of my time was spent outdoors and with my pets. As an animal obsessed child I had dreams of becoming a vet when I grew up. Once high school ended and real life started though, those dreams turned into no idea what direction to go. So I spent a few years in the workforce taking on an odd assortment of jobs. But, in 2015, the opportunity to work as a veterinary assistant at the Stettler Vet Clinic opened up and got me in the door to see if the veterinary field was right for me. Even though I've since left the clinic, I still find pleasure in working with and being around animals as much as possible. 


It was at the clinic where I met Cheryl and over our mutual love of horses, card games and all forms of organization we bonded into friends. When a passing thought about horse treats turned into a crazy idea to start a business there was no stopping us!

When not at work or in the cookie kitchen, you can find me in the saddle barrel racing, roping or working with colts. With a herd of 6 at the moment there’s never a shortage of eager test subjects to sample new recipes!


I was born and raised all over Saskatchewan. Having grown up in town, my parents always joked that farming was genetic - I was absolutely and completely horse (and animal) crazy from a young age. To this day I still point out all the horses on a drive! I always knew that I wanted to pursue post-secondary education, though I didn't know in what. This led me to attended Brandon University right out of high school. It was here I got my Bachelor of Science degree. I then attended Assinaboine Community College obtaining a certificate in organic farming. I then began veterinary school at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. After vet school I interned at the vet college in Saskatoon in large animal internal medicine.

Brittany and I became quick friends after meeting through our job at Stettler Vet Clinic. We became friends because of our love of horses, but found we had so much more in common. After talking about cookie ideas for a long time, we decided that a passing crazy idea would make a great business! I've started my own veterinary clinic and am having a great time spending my days surrounded by horses. 


Outside of work and the kitchen I enjoy photography, travel and spending time with my husband, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my animals. They are always happy to try out new recipes, and especially enjoy the trial and error process of the business. Even the dogs sneak the treats from time to time!

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